“She heard a huge, loud


There was no pain. But when she shifted her weight...


There was ‘nothing there to hold her up’…”

Discover this silent injury that happens to many people without warning, why conventional treatments are ineffective and a new tech breakthrough to beat the problem at its root.

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In 2013, Christina Clemons was training with her coach for her first-ever professional season. Out of nowhere, she heard a huge, loud pop. Her coach thought she had broken a hurdle during a jump.

He was wrong. When Clemons put weight on her right leg, she collapsed to the ground. She had ruptured her right Achilles tendon without warning. And she wouldn’t race again for more than a year.

Achilles tendon injuries (Achilles tendinopathy) are not uncommon among athletes. Even the top athletes with world-class training regimens and coaches fall victim to it. NBA players like Kobe Bryant, Anthony Davis and Kevin Durant have been taken out by injuries to the Achilles tendon.

But it’s not just athletes who are at risk of this injury

And this is not limited to just athletes or people who exercise regularly.

If you spend a lot of your day walking, standing, running, or wearing shoes with poor support, you can be at risk too. All it takes is one wrong step to cause the tendon to rupture.

The problem is, most people experience this dangerous silent Achilles tendon injury and don’t know it.

One Achilles tendon injury is not like the other

Just a quick search on Achilles tendon injuries you might come across the term Achilles tendonitis. Tendonitis means an inflammation of the tendon. It’s an acute condition that is caused by overuse and results in swelling and pain in the tendon.

Recovery often takes 2 to 3 days and over 99% of cases recover completely. Also, there also typically isn’t any damage to the tendon in Achilles tendonitis, only inflammation. 

But Achilles tendonitis is a prelude to something far worse. Left unchecked, Achilles tendonitis can worsen into Achilles tendinosis, which can result in you not walking again.

Achilles Tendinosis: The Silent Career Ender

Achilles tendinosis is a chronic injury to the tendon caused by degeneration of the tissue [1]. Overuse and abuse causes microtears on the tendon—and when the repair rate of the collagen in the tendon cannot keep up with the damage, your body replaces the strong type of collagen with a weaker one (scar tissue), altering the structure and strength of the Achilles tendon.

What happens is the collagen fibres inside the tendon (what gives it its strength) move away from each other and are no longer aligned. Small blood vessels may grow into the tendon (not common in healthy tendons) and scar tissue forms (this is important).

There usually aren’t any obvious warning signs. That’s why athletes can do all the right things to rehab their Achilles tendon, but it doesn’t fix the root cause of the problem and the injury returns as soon as they restart training.

Achilles tendinosis left unchecked can result in spontaneous rupture (which is what happened to Christina Clemons).

Compared to tendonitis, Achilles tendinosis takes significantly longer to recover—that’s if you are aware of it and actively trying to rehabilitate. On average, it takes 3-6 months for chronic cases to recover. And 20% of cases don’t recover completely.

Some even require surgery or other invasive procedures to treat, which results in even longer recovery times.

Conventional treatments are experimental or ineffective (wrong diagnosis)

Because Achilles tendinosis is only a recent discovery, treatments for it are still in the early stages.

There are many prevailing theories, however most conventional treatment options are either experimental or simply ineffective as they are treatments for Achilles tendonitis (inflammation) and not Achilles tendinosis (which is caused by the formation of scar tissue).

That said, certain treatments do have promising (yet unclear) results:

  • PRP injections. Platelet rich plasma is injected into the tendon. It is believed that the concentrated platelets can generate growth factors which facilitates healing and improve cellular regeneration. This works in theory on other tendons, however it is not proven to work for the Achilles tendon.
  • Corticosteroids injections. Corticosteroids are a type of steroid that reduces inflammation of a degenerated tendon. There are many conflicting studies since Achilles tendinosis does not have inflammation, and is likely to only relieve pain temporarily.
  • Shockwave therapy. Microtrauma is created by the repeated shockwave to the affected tendon which stimulates the creation of new vessels. The new blood flow promotes tissue healing and pain relief. While results seem promising, it is still an experimental procedure and not widely available.

There are many other methods doctors use to treat Achilles tendinosis — electrocoagulation, aprotinin injections, laser therapy, and surgery—with varying efficacy and results.

However, there is one common thing between all these treatment options…

They do not deal with the root problem of Achilles tendinosis, which is the formation of scar tissue in the tendon which reduces the flexibility, mobility and strength of the Achilles tendon and thus causing further damage.

So, in order to restore your Achilles tendon to its natural strong state, you need to first break down the scar tissue that has formed. And fortunately, there is a convenient way to do that.

This myofascial release device is the #1 solution among experts for Achilles tendinosis

Myofascial release and massage has been used for decades to manage scar tissue and adhesions that accompany. Contrary to popular belief, scar tissue is not permanent. Due to the microtears in the tendon from overuse, scar tissue is formed as part of the healing process.

Scar tissue is tight, stiff and unstructured. Normal healthy collagen is aligned in a specific way, which is what gives the Achilles tendon its strength. That’s why it’s important to remodel properly to regain mobility.

Not only that, myofascial release helps to improve range of motion, flexibility and helps you move and feel better while relieving pain. It’s the perfect solution for Achilles tendinosis.

Professionals and experts around the world have resorted to using this novel self-myofascial release device, the massage gun, to aid in treating Achilles tendinosis. 

Multiple studies have shown self-myofascial release tools to be effective in reducing scar tissue and breaking down existing scar tissue [2] and remobilizing fascia back to a gel-like state [3].

Unlike many manual self-myofascial release tools, the massage gun not only loosens fascia and remodels scar tissue, it also provides a massage to relieve pain.

But not all massage guns are built the same. With a wide range of choices, choosing the right massage gun is important to get the job done.

Breakthrough massage gun brand sweeps the world— solves a critical problem plaguing most massage guns

As massage guns quickly become more popular pain relief solutions, many brands have popped up offering the devices of all shapes and sizes. Their goal is to capitalize on the growing trend, and not so much to provide a great product and service.

Which is why you can find massage guns as low as $80 on many marketplaces. But are they equally good? Very unlikely.

Making a good massage gun requires high quality materials and engineering, something that costs money. More powerful and durable motors, precision engineering for sound insulation and higher build quality all add to the cost.

Cheaper guns simply don’t last long, scrimp on materials and simply don’t have the strength and quietness of good massage guns.

On the other end of the spectrum, top of the line massage guns tend to go overboard. Their devices aren’t that much better and include features that do not really justify the extra cost.

And they also spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on celebrity endorsements and advertising, which drives their prices even higher. But they can afford to do so because they have the “brand name”.

That leaves you pretty much stuck with cheap, useless devices or overpriced “branded goods”. It’s not much of a choice.

Which is why a breakthrough massage gun brand has managed to disrupt the industry, offering premium quality guns at an affordable price—simply by cutting out the middleman and adopting a customer first approach.

Through deep research and working closely with the engineers, they finally were able to offer what customers and athletes are looking for.

Introducing the Hydragun: Quieter, Faster, Longer Battery Life and More Affordable than leading massage gun brands

We lined Hydragun alongside popular massage gun brands in the market and judged them based on 4 criteria that our customers have told us are important to them.

The results? Hydragun emerged 48.3% quieter, 18.5% faster, had a 30.4% longer battery life and was 30.3% cheaper than the others combined.

According to them, Hydragun is powered by their proprietary SmoothDrive™ motor, which is frictionless, more energy efficient and quiet yet delivers a strong massage.

Its design and materials are also second to none. While most massage guns are built with plastic, which crack and deteriorate over time—Hydragun is built with aerospace-grade aluminium, which makes it more durable and resistant.

Not only that, Hydragun’s SmoothDrive™ motor has 33% more coils, which improves heat dissipation and helps Hydragun last longer than most devices on the market.

And its one-button design makes it incredibly simple to use.

How to use the Hydragun to deal with Achilles tendon injuries

Sports chiropractor Dr. Ivan Sin recommends a holistic approach to preventing Achilles tendon injuries. As the Achilles tendon is connected to the calf muscle, he starts by massaging the calf muscle to stretch, soften and relax it.

For this the forked head or the ball head would do nicely for it. Simply turn it on to the appropriate speed and run it up and down along the calf muscle. This is useful for warming up and loosening tight calf muscles which often lead to Achilles tendon injury.

From the calf, move on to the Achilles tendon. Breaking up the scar tissue is important in the tendon itself. Attach either the flat steel head and a rounded steel head for this. The flat steel head works as a scraper as you scape it along the tendon upwards towards your calf.

Do this for 1-2 minutes. Then switch to the rounded steel tip. Point it towards the tendon and float it lightly above the tendon, up and down towards the calf muscle.

Do not push it too deep into the tendon and avoid the ankle bone. Float the Hydragun for 1 minute on each side of the Achilles tendon to break up scar tissue.

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You might have seen Hydragun in major media websites like Business Insider, GQ, POPSUGAR, Forbes and many others. On top of that, world champions, Olympic athletes and professional sports players use Hydragun to help with their recovery.

Many people are scrambling to get their hands on one, leading to stock being sold out more than once. To keep up with the overwhelming demand, they might have to increase the price soon. According to their website, the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) is $599.

However, for now you can still buy directly from them at $399. Because they do direct shipping from their warehouses in Melbourne and Singapore, they are able to sell Hydragun directly at below MSRP.

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Treat your Achilles tendon pains or you don’t pay a single cent

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Take your first step towards freedom from Achilles tendon pain with the Hydragun

Achilles tendon injuries are common, but preventable. With a proper recovery routine, you can get back on track to start doing what you love again, whether it’s a sport or hobby.

The Hydragun allows you to get a myofascial release massage anywhere and anytime. Imagine that. With over 4,200 customers and counting and 99.7% positive reviews, it’s clear that many people have benefited from using the Hydragun.

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