Cyclist, 65, with a decades-old knee injury cycles laps around athletes half his age thanks to this groundbreaking home therapy

This simple and convenient solution combines the best of both worlds in cold/heat-therapy and compression therapy. Find out more in this article.

“You’re getting older. And with your history of ACL injury and knee surgeries, I’m afraid you won’t be able to cycle competitively anymore.”

That’s what Patrick Boone’s doctor told him after his fifth visit in 2 months for his severe knee pains back in 1996.

Years of cycling competitively and playing soccer recreationally had resulted in his ACL torn multiple times over years which required surgery every time. This weakened his knees tremendously over decades.

This resulted in chondromalacia patella, which is where the cartilage under his kneecap had broken down due to repetitive use [1], causing his knee and thigh bone to grind against each other whenever he made even the slightest movement.

His 20-year cycling career was over.

And it became more real day by day. Patrick would reminisce about the days of joining road cycling competitions with his buddies. Now he could only live vicariously through old videos and medals.

He went to countless physiotherapists, physicians and even traditional chinese physicians to help him deal with the pain. But nothing worked. His doctor told him that it was just life and aging, and that he had to live with it. And for 20 years, he believed it. He stopped cycling and working out, and often had trouble sleeping due to the pain.

That is, until one day Patrick met his old cycling buddy for drinks. His friend introduced this groundbreaking new home therapy that helped his knee recovery tremendously. And at first Patrick was skeptical, but he decided he had nothing to lose.

And in just the first week, the pain in his knees was manageable for the first time in decades!

This home therapy solution combines the power of cold- and heat-therapy together with compression therapy in one elegant solution—which is important for your recovery if you suffer from knee pain.

Do you suffer from these signs and symptoms of knee pain?

According to Mayo Clinic [2], knee problems aren’t something you should brush aside. If ignored, they could escalate to permanent damage and disability.

Signs of knee problems include [3]:

  • Swelling of the knee
  • Stiffness and decrease in mobility in the knees
  • Inability or difficulty performing every day activities
  • Creaks and pops in knee joints

Even a relatively minor injury in one knee could lead to a whole host of problems throughout your body [4] as your body works to compensate for it. Problems in one knee could lead to overcompensation in the other knee, spine and hips—all of which are the supportive base for your entire body.

So what can you do about your knee problems now?

R.I.C.E Treatment for knee pain

It’s common knowledge that the best way to recover from a fresh injury is to rest, ice, compress, and elevate (aka R.I.C.E.). Physicians recommend using cold therapy for short term pain relief. And then cycling to heat therapy to boost recovery long term.

Many athletes and professionals worldwide use cold therapy daily to treat their aches and soreness—from Cristiano Ronaldo to Eddie Hall, Usain Bolt and Floyd Mayweather.

Ice and heat packs typically have to be manually strapped on either with a disposable bandage or tape. Not so convenient when you’re alone.

Also, having separate ice and heat packs means you need to tape on the ice pack, wait 10 minutes, unwrap everything, throw the tape away, then strap on the heat pack and tape it back on again. It’s simply too much work just to cycle through the entire routine.

Plus using frozen peas or ice packs means leaving a huge dripping wet mess. Imagine puddles of water everywhere you go. They create more problems than they solve.

You need a better way to apply cold therapy and compress painful joints and muscles.

How Thermosleeve is transforming the way patients treat knee pain

A recovery-tech company from Singapore, HYDRAGUN, has developed a groundbreaking new recovery solution. Riding off the wave of their hugely successful massage gun, the Hydragun, they are bringing the recovery space to the next level.

Introducing: The Thermosleeve, a 360° Hot/Cold Compression sleeve.

The Thermosleeve uses a specially-formulated Thermogel that is non-toxic, chemical-free—and can retain its temperatures for the doctor-recommended 10 minutes to provide effective pain relief from the comfort of your own home.

How to use Thermosleeve for cold therapy

Simply leave the Thermosleeve into the freezer for a few hours then slip it on once it’s cold enough.

There is no ice or liquid which prevents leakage, mold, and a dripping wet mess. There are no straps involved and is designed to be easily slipped on so you don’t have to worry about having rolls of duct tape or bandages on hand to secure and compress it.

The Thermosleeve wraparound design allows it to deliver 360 degrees of cold therapy around the entire joint, providing complete and instant relief to joint and muscle pain.

How to use Thermosleeve for Heat therapy

Pop the Thermosleeve into a microwave for 20 seconds and put it on to apply heat-therapy to your joints. Heat nourishes chronic aches by boosting blood flow for faster natural recovery.

The Thermosleeve is completely transforming how knee pain patients treat ACL/MCL injuries, osteoarthritis, chondromalacia patella, tendonitis, rheumatoid joint inflammation, bursitis, and other knee conditions.

Today, people like Patrick Boone are regaining their “second youth”.

While Patrick is no longer road cycling competitively, he takes part in local events where he routinely beats cyclists half his age. And the best part is, he doesn’t feel any pain the next day.

Once he’s home after a day of cycling, he simply goes to the freezer, grabs his Thermosleeves and slips them on. Ten minutes later, it’s heat therapy on the same spot—making his joints feel refreshed and recharged again. He can even wear the sleeves to sleep. The Thermosleeve is snug and comfortable.

What are users of Thermosleeve saying

The Thermosleeve is also used by professional athletes, from MMA Champions to Olympic athletes and even regular people who want to treat their joint pain. Here’s what they have to say:

“I really love my new Thermosleeve from Hydragun! I love how easy and convenient it is to use as an ice or heat pack. I also think that the material Hydragun used for the sleeve is better than anything else that’s on the market. I mainly use my Thermosleeve for my knees and notice that it really helps with my recovery!”

Angela Lee, ONE Women’s Atomweight Champion

“The Thermosleeve has been perfect for helping cool my aching muscles after training vigorously, the material is soft and stretchy and can cover any area.”

Jack Crisp, Professional AFL Player

“Managing injuries and recovery is very important for me. The Thermosleeve is unique in its cooling and heating abilities alongside the Hydragun application.”

Bronte Campbell, Tokyo 2020 Olympic Gold Medalist

The Thermosleeve promise:

Try the Thermosleeve today risk-free.

  • Free shipping straight to your doorstep. No retail markup.
  • Free exchanges and returns for 30 days.
  • 100% refund on all purchases
  • Dedicated fast response time customer care support


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