The truth about chronic back pain that “experts” don’t want you to know about

Chronic back pain, one of the most common ailments especially now that many of us have begun working from home.

According to a WHO report, about 60-70% of people will experience it in their lifetimes, increasing with age and peaking between age 35 to 55 [1].

And in the last couple of years since the new normal, this problem has gotten worse. A report by Versus Arthritis on 1,040 people showed that 4 in 5 people developed new pains while working from home—the most common being back pain

A study conducted by Bupa found a whooping 60% of people suffer from body pains. Again, back pain was the most common [2]. This rate increases among millenials.

The good news is that recent studies have shown that you don’t have to live with back pain. There is something you can do about it.

But first we have to understand why so many people suffer from back pain. In the article, we will discuss the real cause of back pain, the misinformation and myths and a simple proven 10-minute routine to treat chronic back pain.

You’ve been misled to believe this myth about back pain

Ask any professional and they will tell you that your chronic back pain is caused by poor posture. But is it really the case?

According to Paul Ingraham, science writer and former Registered Massage Therapist, posture is linked to pain, but not as much as we think. In his words, “many healthcare professionals pathologize posture, exaggerating its importance to justify costly therapy.” [3]

Jason Silvernail, a Doctor of Physical Therapy, agrees. He says the current narrative that posture is the main cause of pain is a “marketing dream” that “provides a simple solution to a complex problem that leverages deeply embedded cultural ideas that are far more powerful than scientific data.”

In short, so-called experts “decomplexify” back pain so they can sell you more stuff without actually solving the problem.

Which is why you can spend hundreds of dollars every month on a chiropractor to “realign your spine” or a posturology expert to change your posture, but your back pain is never going to go away.

Because the root cause of chronic back pain is likely not due to your poor posture.

Experts can’t agree on what bad posture is and it’s all outdated “science” anyway

While experts mostly agree that posture is important, there is no universally accepted standard of good or bad posture [4].

The thing about the human body is that we already naturally correct uncomfortable postures that cause pain. If we sit in a way that hurts us, we stop sitting that way automatically. That eliminates most of the serious posture issues.

And the studies prove it.

A study in 2016 of 1,100 teenagers showed no correlation between neck posture and neck pain [5]. Another study on 150 young adults had the same results [6]. As for back pain, a study on 1,596 participants found that poor posture doesn’t cause back pain [7].

There are many people who have “bad posture” and don’t experience pain, and many who have “good posture” who experience pain. The real problem is staying in one posture for extended periods will lead to pain, which subsides as soon as you move.

Even sitting in a “good posture” on an ergonomic chair for extended periods will lead to postural strain.

Fact is, there is no correlation between posture and pain, which is why posture is unlikely to be a major cause of back pain.

But isn’t there scientific evidence to show that posture causes pain?

Take Upper-Crossed Syndrome (UCS), which is a form of muscle imbalance theory, for example. It proposes that we slouch because some muscles are weak and loose and others are strong and tight, and that pulls the body out of alignment.

The thing is, muscle imbalance theories have been debunked over the last few decades because there’s no data to support these ideas. Randomized controlled trials and proven inconclusive results time and time again.

And not only are professionals unable to agree on what “balance” is, the tightness of muscle doesn’t have any to do with strength or posture.

That’s not to say that posture is not important at all, it simply doesn’t contribute to body pain as much as experts like to tell us.

If poor posture and ergonomics doesn’t really cause back pain, then what does? Here’s a more likely cause…

If you work from home or sit down for long periods of time, you might be especially prone to back pain caused by muscle knots.

Muscle knots occur when areas of your muscle tighten and contract even while you’re at rest. These tense muscles can cause sensitivity and pain, and occur often in the back, shoulders and neck.

One way to deal with muscle knots (or trigger points) is massage. Putting pressure on these hard and tight muscle spots helps to loosen and release them.

A 2011 study conducted on 400 patients with moderately severe chronic low back pain showed that “massage therapy improved functional and decreased pain more than usual care.” [8] That’s because back pain can be complicated by muscle knots.

A meta-review published in 2015 of 26 randomised trials involving 2,565 participants showed that “ Massage therapy, as a stand-alone treatment, reduces pain and improves function compared to no treatment in some musculoskeletal conditions.” [9]

Yet another more recent 2018 study of 16 professional weightlifters showed massage therapy had a positive result on lower back pain rehabilitation (even better when combined with core stability exercises) [10].

By applying repeated pressure to tight muscle knots, blood flow is increased to the area and the muscles are forced to relax, resulting in reduced lower back pain.

So the verdict is in, massage therapy is proven to help reduce back pain for most people (at least in the short term).

But what if you can’t book an appointment, or don’t have the cash to drop on a one hour massage session every week? There’s a better and cheaper solution that works in a fraction of the time.

This breakthrough personal device allows you to deal with back pain anytime, anywhere for pennies on the dollar.

Just 10 minutes of using this device is equivalent to 1 hour of a massage session.

This device, the massage gun, was invented more than a decade ago and has since been used by athletes and sports teams in their recovery routines.

More recently, non-athletes have also realized that these devices can help with pain management as physiotherapists begin using them in rehabilitation.

These days you can find a wide variety of massage guns with different price points and designs. But are they all the same? Not at all.

This massage gun startup broke the industry by “doing the impossible”

Using a massage gun might look easy and simple but making one isn’t quite that straightforward. There are many components that go into each device that affects the strength, quietness, durability and overall experience of using one.

For example, strength isn’t all that matters. Some people like strong massages, others (especially elderly folk) prefer gentle, soothing massages.

Plus, a stronger massage gun requires a bigger motor with a higher power output, which reduces the battery life, heats up faster and is noisier.

And so a good high-quality massage gun has to be strong, while making sure the battery can last for hours, has a good heat dissipation and top-notch sound insulation. These things aren’t cheap.

Which is why many cheaper guns sacrifice quality. They focus on making the gun look cool on the outside, but the internal components are cheap and break down easily.

Those massage guns heats up while charging; the parts are not precisely engineered and rattle, adding to the already loud motor noise; and the motor is weak and stalls easily.

Based on our experience and reviews from other customers, cheap guns tend not to last more than a year. Either the motor dies out or the battery becomes unusable.

And the worst thing is, their customer service is impossible to reach.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are leading brands that use very high-quality components and materials in their massage guns. You can tell just by holding it that they didn’t skimp on materials.

These brands have also been on the market for years and they tend to keep their prices high so they can make a healthy profit for their investors and shareholders.

Because the massage gun industry is still young, there aren’t many good options out there and so these leading brands can charge whatever they want.

A young startup saw this problem and decided to break the mold. Their goal? To offer a product that delivers results like the leading brands, yet is affordable. And his creation was HYDRAGUN.

The Hydragun: Quieter, Faster, Lasts Longer and Cheaper than leading massage gun brands

Putting Hydragun to the test, we measured it side by side with leading brands on the market, and here’s the verdict.

48.3% quieter.

18.5% faster.

30.4% longer battery life

30.3% cheaper.

How is that possible? Hydragun is powered by their SmoothDrive™ Motor Technology. It is a brushless magnetic motor that makes Hydragun quiet, yet powerful. It also has more conduction layers which improves heat dissipation and keeps the motor cool.

The Hydragun also comes with a smart chip to turn the device off after 10 minutes which protects the motor (recommended use time for a massage is 2-3 minutes per muscle group).

The SmoothDrive™ Motor is also energy efficient, which is why Hydragun can last for months before needing a recharge.

Through precision engineering and high quality materials—Hydragun is the only massage gun among leading brands that uses an aerospace-aluminium casing—it’s no wonder that Hydragun is taking the world by storm.

How to use the Hydragun to treat chronic lower back pain

The Hydragun is extremely simple to use. Its one-button design is intuitive and fuss-free. 

Simply choose your favorite massage gun head. We recommend the ball or bullet heads for chronic lower back pain.

Next, select your desired speed level and then float it over your lower back for 1-2 minutes.

This helps with blood circulation and relieves pain in the target area. You can do this sitting down anywhere. And its incredibly quiet motor means using the Hydragun won’t disturb your surroundings.

“Hydragun gives me instant relief because I can apply it myself.”

Gordon Booth, a customer with lower back pain for 35 years.

Not only is the Hydragun great for chronic lower back pain, there are other benefits too

  • Release muscle tension, tightness and knots with percussion speeds up to 53 taps per second.
  • Improve blood and lymphatic circulation to improve recovery and toxins drainage
  • Reduce stress hormones and increase happy hormones with a comfortable massage anytime you desire
  • Increase range of motion and flexibility so you can do the things you love with lower risk of injury
  • Save time by adding Hydragun to your relaxation routine (e.g., Netflix and massage)
  • Way more affordable compared to traditional massage options, sports massage or physiotherapy.
  • You can share it with your loved ones. One device is great for the whole family to use. Just 10 minutes a day to keep injuries at bay.
  • Helps to counter the negative effects of a sedentary work-from-home lifestyle that many of us are subjected to. Experts recommend a 10-minute break every hour or so. Why not get a massage while you’re at it.
  • Or, get a massage while you’re in a zoom meeting with your colleagues. It’s quiet enough and no one will hear you.

Take your work-from-home routine to the next level and lead a pain-free life with Hydragun

The Hydragun has been featured on multiple major websites and media, and is the go-to work-from-home companion for many people around the world to deal with their body pains.

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Once it’s out of stock, the next batch might take weeks or months to replenish. The low price is also not guaranteed as worldwide demand increases.

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Say goodbye to chronic back pain. Get the gift of a pain-free life today

As mentioned earlier, chronic lower back pain is one of the most common ailments suffered by people all over the world. Whether they lead active or sedentary lifestyles, it can strike anyone at any time.

If you experience chronic lower back pain, you don’t have to sit and endure it any longer. 

Help is here in the form of a convenient and affordable personal-use device: The Hydragun. Walk confidently into your new pain-free life with the link below…


“Since the start of the lockdown, I have been working in front of the computer and having the Hydragun is useful when I am tired. Also, I can do it by myself.”

Chris Yap, a customer with shoulder and back pain for 10 years