This Cutting-Edge Massage Gun Can Relieve Any Muscle Tension Within 30 Seconds Using “Trigger Point” Technology

Extremely happy with my Hydragun

I’m an older customer. I exercise daily, often on indoor rowing and cycling equipment. I also suffer from the very annoying restless legs syndrome. I have used the Hydragun a number of times… and completely relieved the symptoms every time. I have even used it in the middle of the night without waking my wife — the machine is VERY quiet. It is built to the highest quality, and comes in a very convenient zipped carry case. Couldn’t be happier.

Andrew H., Australia

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This new massage gun is currently turning the entire massage industry upside down with its unique “trigger point” technology.  

Dozens of massage experts are calling it a “no-brainer” for anyone dealing with muscular pain and tensions, with studies even saying it is 30-times more effective than a regular massage

Designed by a world-class team of engineers from Singapore, this unique massage gun uses a science-backed “trigger point” technology that can relieve any muscular tensions within 30 seconds.  

According to professional chiropractors, this special “trigger point” therapy delivers the optimal amount of percussion per minute on a highly targeted muscle area, to “untie” muscle knots and relieve tensions permanently. 

Unlike most massage guns on the market, it is extremely quiet (so quiet that people can watch TV without even hearing the vibrations…), surprisingly light, and far more precise than any devices available out there… 

All thanks to its proprietary “SmoothDrive™” motor technology that is currently the quietest and most powerful brushless motor in existence. 

Since it’s been released to the general public, it has quickly become the “go-to solution” of hundreds of people suffering from muscle pain and tensions, including pro-runners, Olympic athletes, and office workers spending excessive time in front of their screens. 

How Hydragun Can Relieve Any Muscular Tensions Within Seconds Using “Trigger Point” Technology 

Called “Hydragun”, this one-of-a-kind massage gun has been designed to relieve “trigger points” (or muscle “knots”) in less than 30 seconds using ultra-targeted, high-frequency percussions. 

Have you ever felt like one of your muscle areas was so tense that there was literally nothing you could do to relieve it? 

You try to massage your tight neck, shoulders or lower back with your bare hands, but no matter how hard you press, stroke or stretch, you can never make the tension go away… as if you had a “micro-cramp” embedded in your muscles. 

If that’s the case, you’re probably familiar with so-called “trigger points”, which are tight muscle knots in your neck, shoulders, or lower back that are almost impossible to relieve by hand… 

When you apply pressure on these tight muscle nodes, you usually feel a temporary sense of relief. But a few seconds later, the pain comes back. And the tensions are still there. As if your massage had absolutely zero impact…  

And there is a scientific reason for that:  

These “trigger points “ are way too tight to be relieved by a normal massage. Studies showed that only a highly targeted amount of pressure can “untie” and relieve those tense muscle knots permanently

And that’s where Hydragun comes in: with up to 3,200 percussions per minute and an incredible stall force of 40 lbs, Hydragun was designed to provide the optimal amount of targeted pressure to “untie” trigger points and hence promote near-instant muscle relief. 

That’s why thousands of people are using Hydragun trigger point therapy to relieve persistent muscular tensions in their neck and shoulders…  

…whether it is office workers with ultra-tense shoulders after spending their entire day in front of a screen, or athletes who suffer from intense muscle soreness after exercise. 

What Makes Hydragun “Trigger Point” Therapy So Effective In Relieving Muscle Tensions? 

To understand how Hydragun “trigger point” therapy can relieve muscles, we first need to see how trigger points are created.  

Here’s how: 

First, a part of a muscle goes into spasm. This spasm causes the muscle to tighten, which puts pressure on blood vessels, restricting blood flow.  

The restricted blood flow deprives the muscle tissues of oxygen, which causes a build-up of waste chemicals, including the contraction neurotransmitter acetylcholine.  

The release of acetylcholine causes further spasms, leading to even more contraction. And the cycle goes on and on… 

At a certain point, the muscle tissue becomes so contracted that it forms a “knot” – also known as a “trigger point”. 

This vicious contraction cycle is extremely hard to break, which is why trigger points are so hard to get rid of… 

According to studies, only intense, targeted pressure on the trigger point can “untie” the muscle knot and relieve the muscle tissue.  

And that’s exactly what Hydragun is doing.  

The percussions produced by Hydragun are powerful enough to increase the blood flow to the targeted muscle tissues, by applying the optimal intensity of skin friction.  

This blood flow increase causes the muscle temperature to rise at a controlled, optimal level, enabling tense muscle fibers to relax nearly instantly. 

The result? A warm, powerful, and extremely pleasant feeling of relaxation and well-being… 

In fact, recent studies have indicated that this type of targeted percussion therapy helps treat muscle fibers up to 30-times more effectively than regular massage

No wonder why so many people can’t get their hands off this marvel of technology to get their daily dose of relaxation… 

A Medical-Grade Massage Gun With 97% Of 5-Star Ratings 

Already trusted by thousands of people, Hydragun has become the “go-to solution” of many athletes and office workers to relieve muscular tensions nearly instantly. 

What’s more, dozens of expert reviewers have reported having been absolutely amazed by how fast this massage gun can make any kind of muscle tension vanish… 

In fact, 97% of customers gave Hydragun a pristine 5-star rating, which makes it one of the best-rated massage guns ever conceived. 

Designed by a high-tech start-up from Singapore, Hydragun was made to be a professional massage gun that could rival those used by chiropractors and therapists, to deliver medical-grade massages in the comfort of our home. 

Thanks to its proprietary motor technology SmoothDrive™, developed by Singapore’s top engineers, Hydragun can offer superior massage performance than other professional brands, while remaining more affordable.   

In fact, this state-of-the-art patented technology enabled Hydragun to achieve outstanding results in independent studies: 

Compared to 5 other leading massage gun brands, it was shown that Hydragun was on average 48.3% quieter, 18.5% faster, 30.3% cheaper, and had a 30.4% longer battery life than other massage guns on the market! 

On top of that, unlike other devices that are often made of cheap, smelly plastic, Hydragun is made of premium, aerospace-grade aluminium. 

Not only is this material completely odorless and safe for the skin, but it also enables the device to remain silent even at maximum power, without ever overheating – unlike plastic devices which often have poor heat dissipation properties. 

Due to the phenomenal relaxation power and premium feel of Hydragun, thousands of people are rushing to get their hands on this unique massage gun, to enjoy profound, satisfying feelings of muscle relaxation at any time they want, wherever they want. 

How to use Hydragun to relax nearly any muscle in the body 

Using Hydragun is extremely simple. First, choose one of the 6(7) attachments included with the product to choose the type of massage you prefer.  

Once you turn on the device, apply it at a high speed (speed levels are completely in your control) to your arms, legs, neck, lower back, or any other muscle area you want. Apply the device for 3 minutes for each body part, and slowly move it to the desired area. 

After just 3 minutes for each area, studies show that your muscles will be deeply relaxed, providing long-lasting muscle pain relief without any side effects. 

How to order Hydragun while it’s still available 

After being featured in multiple media outlets and major websites recently, Hydragun is quickly running out of stock. The manufacturer of Hydragun recently issued a statement saying that the product might not be available for long, given how quickly it’s selling out. 

After the product is out of stock, the next batch of products will probably be sold at a more expensive price. 

To take advantage of this special offer, click on the button below to check the availability of Hydragun and see if the product is still in stock. 

An unconditional 30-Day money-back guarantee 

The company is so certain that Hydragun will be helpful for you that it provides an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee. 

The terms are simple: if you’re not happy with your product for any reason – or even for no reason at all – you can simply send it back for a prompt refund. You can even get a refund on a product that you’ve already used! 

Furthermore, Hydragun is protected by a 1.5-year warranty. If the product breaks or becomes defective at any point, you can get a replacement on your purchase. 

This is because the company knows that Hydragun delivers amazing results to its customers, which is why they’re so confident in the quality of their product. 

Why many people choose to order multiple units of Hydragun 

If you know any friend, colleague or family member who could use a massage gun to relax their muscles and joints, the company is offering a special deal for the purchase of multiple units. 

The company is currently running a special promotion – every purchase of 3 units of Hydragun allows you to benefit from a unique 25% discount on the original price. A purchase of 2 units allows you to benefit from a cool 15% discount. 

Given the fact that Hydragun might run out of stock soon, and that the price will probably increase soon, many people choose to order 2 or 3 units of Hydragun to make sure that they don’t run out of this revolutionary new product. 

If the product is still available, after clicking on the button below, you will be redirected to the product page, where you will simply have to choose how many units you want to order. 

After that, you will be redirected to an ultra-secure order page, where you will be able to pay by Paypal or credit card depending on your preference.