This New Massage Gun Using Special “Deep Touch” Technology Can Feel 30 Times Better Than A Regular Massage

Great buy, love it!

Bought my Hydragun just over a month ago. Absolutely loving it. It was delivered very quickly. The gun itself is built extremely well but is very lightweight and ridiculously quiet. It comes with a number of handy attachments which work well on different parts of the body. After using the gun, my muscles feel so much more loose and relaxed. Would definitely recommend purchasing!

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For many people, getting a massage is literally one of the best feelings in the world. 

Whenever we feel this firm, warm pressure on our skin…  

When we can feel all tensions being “drained away” from every single muscle… 

Our body just becomes overwhelmed with an incredible feeling of pleasure and relaxation. 

Now, imagine this irresistible feeling of relaxation that you enjoy during a massage… multiplied by 30 times! 

A feeling so good that it could literally send shivers down your spine… 

Well, you’re not dreaming!  

Thanks to recent scientific advances in massaging technology, it’s now possible to get a massage up to 30 times more effective than a regular massage, using a new kind of massage gun powered by a so-called “deep touch” technology.  

This unique “deep touch” massage gun uses rapid, targeted mechanical percussions on the skin surface to trigger complete muscle relaxation within seconds. 

According to professional chiropractors, these rapid percussions – ranging from 30 to 53 per second – create the optimal amount of skin friction to unlock a massive release of “feel good” hormones throughout the body, including endorphins and dopamine. 

For example, a study from Harvard Medical School has shown that this type of massage can increase dopamine levels by 30% – the same “feel good” hormone that creates pleasure during sex, or while eating delicious food. 

The result? A deep, long-lasting feeling of relaxation and well-being that would put a smile on anyone’s face.  

Designed by Singapore’s top engineers, this cutting-edge massage gun has quickly become the “go-to solution” for anyone seeking instant and profound relaxation. 

“Many of my patients come to me saying that they struggle to break out from the daily stresses of life. When they come home after a stressful day at work, they find it very hard to just ‘log off’ and relax with their family”, says Dr. Jan Kinzel, chiropractor and therapist. 

“This new kind of massage gun turned out to be a real game changer for many of them. Whenever they feel tense, they can just grab the device and ‘massage their tensions away’, as one of my patients put it”, he explains. 

Since this one-of-a-kind massage gun has been released to the public, thousands of people, from office workers to pro-runners, have become nearly obsessed with the mind-blowing relaxing power of this new device.  

How Hydragun Can Relieve Any Tensions Within Seconds & Trigger Profound Relaxation Using “Deep Touch” Technology 

Called Hydragun, this unique massage gun has been designed to put the body into a profound state of relaxation nearly instantly, using ultra-targeted, high-frequency percussions.  

Remember this time when you had a perfectly satisfying massage? When you could feel your muscle fibers stretching out just right, creating so much pleasure that you wish it could last forever? 

Well, picture this exquisite sensation in your mind, make it 30 times stronger…and you’ve got a pretty good idea of what Hydragun’s “deep touch” therapy feels like. 

You might wonder, how is that even possible? Here’s why… 

You see, the pleasant, relaxing sensation that you feel during a massage is caused by a release of so-called “feel-good” hormones. That includes a steep spike of endorphins and dopamine rushing through your bloodstream.  

But for these “feel good” hormones to be released, the massage needs to be strong enough to heat up the muscle fibers, yet gentle enough to prevent muscle contraction.  

And not every massage stroke can reach this “sweet spot” of intensity.  

That’s why when you get a massage, even from a professional therapist, some strokes feel “just okay”, while certain strokes feel truly amazing, almost heaven-like…  

That’s because a human hand is not physically able to maintain this “sweet spot” amount of pressure for more than a few seconds.     

And that’s where Hydragun “deep touch” therapy comes in…  

By sending deep yet gentle bursts of energy into your muscle tissue very rapidly, at a frequency of 30 to 53 percussions per second, Hydragun can maintain this “sweet spot” level of pressure for several minutes straight!  

It basically means that you can make this peak feeling of pleasure and relaxation last several minutes instead of just a few seconds… All thanks to this powerful “deep touch” therapy. 

Schematic Representation Of Perceived Degree of Relaxation – Traditional Massage vs Deep Touch Massage 

Note: this chart is a visual representation designed to illustrate how a deep touch massage may feel compared to a traditional massage. Actual perceptions of relaxation may vary between individuals. 

No wonder why specialists are saying it is 30 times more effective than a regular massage… 

In fact, this new type of massage therapy is so relaxing and satisfying that even people who don’t suffer from any muscle tensions are using it just for their own pleasure! 

“Many of my patients are using this new device to relieve their tensions and reduce stress when they get back from work, so that they can enjoy a relaxed evening with their families”, explains Dr. Jan Kinzel, chiropractor and therapist.  

“What’s surprising is that some of their relatives would then use the massage gun, not because they feel particularly tense, but because they just love how the massage feels”, he says with a smile. 

Due to its unprecedented relaxing power, thousands of people have recently been trying to get their hands on this new massage gun to get their “daily shot” of relaxation… 

…from stressed office workers with tense shoulders after sitting a day in front of a screen, to pro-athletes who just want to relax their muscles after intense exercise. 

The Surprising “Hormonal Cascade” That Happens In Your Body During Hydragun’s Deep Touch Therapy 

Here’s what happens to your body when you’re using Hydragun on your skin… (hint: a lot!) 

Hydragun is made of an aluminum chassis containing a powerful brushless motor (which powers the percussive movement), and a soft massager head made of premium rubber (the part that is in contact with your skin).  

When the massager head is pulsating onto your skin using “deep touch” percussions, the muscle temperature starts to rise at a controlled, optimal level, causing the muscle fibers to relax nearly instantly. 

As soon as your muscles start to relax, your brain floods your body with a cascade of “feel good” hormones, making you feel extremely good and relaxed.  

According to a study from Harvard Medical School, you will first feel a strong rush of endorphins – the same hormone that makes you feel light-headed and euphoric after a good run (also called “runner’s high). It will instantly put you in a good mood. 

Second, your levels of dopamine will immediately increase by around 30%, creating an intense feeling of pleasure in your whole body. It’s the same hormone that is released during pleasant moments, like eating good food, having sex, or getting a nice present. 

Finally, your brain will order your body to reduce your levels of stress hormones dramatically (including adrenaline and norepinephrine), making you feel deeply relaxed and stress-free.  

Overall, this hormonal rush caused by the massage will fill you with a deep sense of relaxation, pleasure, and well-being. 

No wonder why so many people can’t get their hands off this marvel of technology to get their daily dose of relaxation… 

…With some users saying “it’s like having a massage therapist at home, 24/7”! 

A Medical-Grade Massage Gun With 97% Of 5-Star Ratings 

Already trusted by thousands of people, Hydragun has become the “go-to solution” of many athletes and office workers to relieve muscular tensions and enjoy deep relaxation nearly instantly. 

What’s more, dozens of expert reviewers have reported having been absolutely amazed by how fast this massage gun can make any kind of muscle tension vanish… 

In fact, 97% of customers gave Hydragun a pristine 5-star rating, which makes it one of the best-rated massage guns ever conceived. 

Designed by a high-tech start-up from Singapore, Hydragun was made to be a professional massage gun that could rival those used by chiropractors and therapists, to deliver medical-grade massages in the comfort of our home. 

Thanks to its proprietary motor technology SmoothDrive™, developed by Singapore’s top engineers, Hydragun can offer superior massage performance than other professional brands, while remaining more affordable.   

In fact, this state-of-the-art patented technology enabled Hydragun to achieve outstanding results in independent studies: 

Compared to 5 other leading massage gun brands, it was shown that Hydragun was on average 48.3% quieter, 18.5% faster, 30.3% cheaper, and had a 30.4% longer battery life than other massage guns on the market! 

On top of that, unlike other devices that are often made of cheap, smelly plastic, Hydragun is made of premium, aerospace-grade aluminium. 

Not only is this material completely odorless and safe for the skin, but it also enables the device to remain silent even at maximum power, without ever overheating – unlike plastic devices which often have poor heat dissipation properties. 

Due to the phenomenal relaxation power and premium feel of Hydragun, thousands of people are rushing to get their hands on this unique massage gun, to enjoy profound, satisfying feelings of muscle relaxation at any time they want, wherever they want. 

What’s more: anyone who is curious to know how great this massage gun really feels on their skin, can try Hydragun completely risk-free, as the product comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee! 

How to use Hydragun to relax nearly any muscle in the body 

Using Hydragun is extremely simple. First, choose one of the 6(7) attachments included with the product to choose the type of massage you prefer.  

Once you turn on the device, apply it at a high speed (speed levels are completely in your control) to your arms, legs, neck, lower back, or any other muscle area you want. Apply the device for 3 minutes for each body part, and slowly move it to the desired area. 

After just 3 minutes for each area, studies show that your muscles will be deeply relaxed, providing long-lasting muscle pain relief without any side effects. 

How to order Hydragun while it’s still available 

After being featured in multiple media outlets and major websites recently, Hydragun is quickly running out of stock. The manufacturer of Hydragun recently issued a statement saying that the product might not be available for long, given how quickly it’s selling out. 

After the product is out of stock, the next batch of products will probably be sold at a more expensive price. 

To take advantage of this special offer, click on the button below to check the availability of Hydragun and see if the product is still in stock. 

An unconditional 30-Day money-back guarantee 

The company is so certain that Hydragun will be helpful for you that it provides an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee. 

The terms are simple: if you’re not happy with your product for any reason – or even for no reason at all – you can simply send it back for a prompt refund. You can even get a refund on a product that you’ve already used! 

Furthermore, Hydragun is protected by a 1.5-year warranty. If the product breaks or becomes defective at any point, you can get a replacement on your purchase. 

This is because the company knows that Hydragun delivers amazing results to its customers, which is why they’re so confident in the quality of their product. 

Why many people choose to order multiple units of Hydragun 

If you know any friend, colleague or family member who could use a massage gun to relax their muscles and joints, the company is offering a special deal for the purchase of multiple units. 

The company is currently running a special promotion – every purchase of 3 units of Hydragun allows you to benefit from a unique 25% discount on the original price. A purchase of 2 units allows you to benefit from a cool 15% discount. 

Given the fact that Hydragun might run out of stock soon, and that the price will probably increase soon, many people choose to order 2 or 3 units of Hydragun to make sure that they don’t run out of this revolutionary new product. 

If the product is still available, after clicking on the button below, you will be redirected to the product page, where you will simply have to choose how many units you want to order. 

After that, you will be redirected to an ultra-secure order page, where you will be able to pay by Paypal or credit card depending on your preference.