When Professional Marathoners suffer from “Runner’s Knee”, this is what they do—Find out their Industry Secret

Iliotibial Band Syndrome, or “runner’s knee” is one of the most common leg injuries in runners due to overuse. In fact, a whopping 12% of running injuries are ITBS. That number doubles to 24% for cycling injuries.

If you’ve experienced a stabbing or sharp pain on the outer side of your knee, chances are it’s ITBS. Luckily, it’s not something you have to live with. Professional runners and athletes who are on the cutting edge of recovery tech have discovered a tool to relieve pain in minutes.

The reason for this breakthrough is recent findings show the root cause of IT band syndrome is not actually because of the IT band itself nor is it the knee. It’s actually something else.

Yet many conventional treatments target the IT band directly, which results in worsening the injury because you’re inflaming an already inflamed tendon.

With the right treatment, you can release IT band tightness, reduce inflammation and release ITBS.

The discovery that changed the way doctors treated IT Band Syndrome

For many years, it was believed that IT band syndrome was caused by friction between the IT band and the knee. That’s why it was initially called IT Band Friction Syndrome (ITBFS). Further studies have disproved that since, and the medical community renamed it to ITBS.

It’s only in recent years that scientists finally discovered the root cause of ITBS and how to treat it effectively.

The way they came across this discovery was due to an experimental surgical procedure, where they snipped the tensor fasciae latae [TFL] to relieve the pressure on the IT band. This proved that the root cause of ITBS wasn’t actually in the IT band itself, but traced back to the TFL.

Tensor Fasciae Latae: The tiny muscle with a big impact

The muscles that actually control the tension and tightness of the IT band are the tensor fasciae latae (TFL) and the gluteus maximus.

These muscles pull on the IT band which is connected to the knee. And if they are not flexible or released, the IT band is limited—causing inflammation and injury in the knee.

This can be worsened if you run on uneven terrain or wear subpar running shoes, which don’t provide adequate support. The constant pulling of the IT band on the knee and unevenness can cause the knee to turn in an unnatural way and worsen ITBS.

As it turns out, increasing the range of motion and flexibility in the TFL can improve ITBS and eliminate it completely.

However, improving TFL flexibility is not a muscle most athletes or runners focus on. It’s not big and sexy, and working on it doesn’t give visible or immediate results, and so it’s mostly ignored.

And what happens to muscles that we don’t train? They weaken, tighten up and lose their flexibility. Which is why ITBS is such a rampant problem among runners often throughout their entire careers.

Why conventional IT Band Syndrome treatments don’t work

In order to activate any muscle during training, one crucial thing needs to happen—you need to be able to visualize and focus on the muscle you want to activate, which increases the number of neurons firing, and in turn increases the number of muscle fibres used during activation.

This is what sports scientists call mind-muscle connection, a theory which has been around since the 70s.

But you can’t visualize what you’re not aware of. And the TFL is a small and overlooked muscle that most people don’t train, let alone think about. That’s why conventional treatment for ITBS such as strength training (which focuses only on the thighs) and stretching exercises like yoga, don’t do much to help solve ITBS at the root.

And unless you are able to target the TFL muscle and activate it, all training and stretching is pointless and may even worsen your ITBS.

Which is why this “industry secret” has blown up over the last few years among professional runners, marathoners and athletes to treat ITBS. And the best part is, this technology is accessible and affordable to everyone now.

Introducing a Powerful New Way to Target the TFL and Deal with IT Band Syndrome

Massage guns have taken the sports and recovery world by storm in the last few years and there’s no signs of it slowing down. More and more professional athletes across different sports have been seen using massage guns to help them recover and perform better.

[Image credit:  www.hydragun.com

But more than that, massage guns also provide pain relief through percussive therapy. Massage guns deliver deep tissue massages through powerful strikes to the targeted area—increasing blood flow, warming up the muscle and providing pain relief.

And many studies have been done on these handheld devices.

A recent 2021 study [1] published by Jack Martin, a sports scientist from the University of WInchester, showed that massage guns help to increase muscle temperature and muscle activation. They also improved hip flexion range of motion, which is where the TFL is located.

Another 2020 study published in the Journal of Sports Science & Medicine [2] showed that 5 minutes of using a massage gun could increase range of motion significantly.

Yet another 2020 thesis dissertation [3] reviewed by CSU, Long Beach committee members showed an increase in hip, hamstring and ankle range of motion immediately after the treatment, without negative effects.

That means if you want to stretch and warm up the TFL muscle to prevent IT band syndrome, using a massage gun is your best bet to target the right spot.

But are all massage guns equal?

This underdog massage gun brand proves you can make a premium device affordable

While they look simple on the outside and easy to operate with just a push of a button, the engineering that goes into making a great device is more complex than most would think.

The motor speed, noise level, power output and torque; the battery’s capacity, power output and lifespan; the design and engineering of the exterior to prevent excessive noise leakage while allowing for maximum heat dissipation; and of course the sturdiness and durability of the product to survive knocks and drops.

All these things considered, putting together a great massage gun requires precision engineering that few manufacturers put much thought into.

[Image credit:  www.hydragun.com

It’s no wonder cheap massage guns often break down within 1-3 months of use. Building a good lasting motor that works well and lasts long incurs high costs. Which is why many fly-by-night brands put out inferior products. Their game plan is just to flood the market with cheap products, get the sale and disappear—leaving customers with lemons.

On the other end of the spectrum, are top-of-the-line massage guns that are great, but also very expensive. They come with features such as bluetooth and app connectivity which may not be useful for most massage gun users. All these just to inflate the price.

And since they have support from famous athletes and celebrities, they get to control the price and sell their massage guns are overly inflated prices that only few would want to invest in. After all, if their products are accessible to anyone, they lose their “prestigious status” (think luxury goods).

The Hydragun was built to bridge the gap between affordable and luxury. They wanted to offer a massage gun that could stand up to professional devices used by chiropractors and therapists, for an affordable price. And they have been making waves around the world.

[Image taken from www.hydragun.com

How does Hydragun stack up against other top massage guns?

We put the Hydragun up against 5 other leading massage gun brands in the market. Averaging out their specifications: sound level, max speed, price and battery life.

The Hydragun emerged victorious in almost every category. On average, it was 48.3% quieter, 18.5% faster, 30.3% cheaper and had a 30.4% longer battery life than other massage guns.

[Image taken from www.hydragun.com

This is possible because of the precision engineering that goes into making Hydragun. Powered by SmoothDrive™ motor technology, Hydragun is often imitated but never duplicated. The motor (the core of every massage gun) has improved energy efficiency and power output, and is frictionless which makes it quiet.

[Image taken from www.hydragun.com

It is also incredibly durable (built with aerospace-grade aluminium compared to ABS plastic which most other guns use) which is why they offer a free 18-month worldwide warranty for all their devices. On top of that, they also offer a 30-day risk free guarantee on all purchases. No hidden fees, and 100% free returns. No questions asked. 

[Image taken from www.hydragun.com

How to use Hydragun to treat IT Band Syndrome

Hydragun is easy to use in 3 steps. The first is to choose the right massage heads. For your TFL, the ball head works great. Use the bullet head if you want a more targeted and deeper massage.

[Image credit:  www.hydragun.com

Turn it on to your preferred speed. If you’re not sure, start with the slower speed and slowly ramp up to your comfort level. Press it into your TFL and run it along the muscle. Use it for 3 minutes to get maximum relief and results.

[Credit:  @wafflecreamies on Instagram]
[Credit:  5-star reviews from www.hydragun.com/reviews

Everything you need to know about the Hydragun—the Specifications

  • Powered by proprietary SmoothDrive™ motor. A brushless, magnetic motor that has increased energy efficiency, last longer and has an improved cooling mechanism.
  • 30-50dB sound level makes Hydragun the quietest on the market. Whisper quiet motor allows you to spend time with the people you love without interruptions or distractions
  • Delivers a powerful massage at 53 percussions per second so you can deal with IT band pains quick and effectively
  • Deal with IT band pains on the go, at the gym or anywhere you want. Handheld portable design with nanoscale silicone 99° handle allows you to massage any part of your body anywhere, anytime. 
  • Get full control of your recovery session with 6 speed settings and 6 massage heads. Choose your favorite configuration for your needs. Bullet head for your small TFL muscle and ball head for your large IT Bands.
  • 3-6 hour battery life lets you use it for weeks before needing a charge.
  • Premium aerospace aluminium chassis is durable, nontoxic and is lightweight but hefty so that it can survive knocks and drops.
  • 40 lbs force output from the SmoothDrive™ motor allows you to get a strong sturdy massage without the device breaking down or stalling.

How to order the Hydragun

[Image credit: www.hydragun.com/reviews

The Hydragun wave is sweeping through the world after being featured on many major media outlets and websites such as Forbes, GQ, Business Insider and POPSUGAR. If you want to get your hands on Hydragun visit their website to check availability. Get yours before they run out of stock.

We also have a special limited-time promotion just for readers. Use code NOMOREITBS at checkout to check availability and get $10 off the sticker price.


The Hydragun 30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee

Take Hydragun for a risk-free test drive to feel the effects for yourself. Hold it in your hands. Feel the premium design and engineering, and most importantly, feel the effects of your IT Band Syndrome leaving your body.

If you’ve tried it and you’re not happy for any reason (or no reason at all), simply send it back for a prompt 100% refund. No return fees. No questions asked.

On top of that, every Hydragun is covered by a free 18-month warranty. Automatically. No registration necessary. If your product breaks or becomes defective at any point 1.5 years after purchase, we’ll do a 1-to-1 replacement for you.

That’s how confident they are about Hydragun.

Say good-bye to IT Band Syndrome and Runner’s Knees today

IT Band Syndrome not only hinders you from running and doing the sport you love, it also impacts your everyday life. Just walking or standing is a pain itself. Fortunately with the Hydragun, you can now self-treat IT Band Syndrome without having to drop hundreds of dollars every month to see a physiotherapist.

They have over 4,200 customers (and counting as you’re reading this). And with a 99.7% positive review rate from users of the Hydragun, it is truly the solution to your IT Band  pains.

To get your Hydragun, click the check availability button below and you’ll be directed to their product page where you can order your Hydragun (subject to availability). Also, don’t forget to use code NOMOREITBS at checkout to get $10 off the sticker price.



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